We had a wonderful time at the Critter Barn in Zeeland, Michigan. http://www.critterbarn.org
We started the day feeding the goats, sheep, cows and baby calves. We saw Jake the donkey and Miss Mary’s horse. We learned about pigs, chickens, bunnies and more. We feed the chickens and learned about how the eggs are collected on a conveyor belt. Miss Mary’s pet pot bellied pig did some tricks for us.
After lunch we visited the cat pen, bunnies and ducks. We held baby chicks, petted more rabbits and quietly looked at the tiny baby bunnies. We went in the sheep pen to see (and hear!) the mother and baby lambs. We got to feel wool that came from one of the sheep and twist it and see how yarn is made.
Miss Mary let us all milk one of the goats, and then we fed the baby lambs and goats with bottles. The baby goats were a little hard to handle. They ran all over the place and did not want to sit still and drink their milk. A turkey kept walking around the farm, making a lot of noise.
We were a bit tired on the bus ride back to school and a few of the second graders fell asleep! It was a great day.

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