The second graders had a great time publishing their stories using the My Story App on the iPads. The App made it easy to put together the writing, artwork, and narration. The stories can be viewed as an iBook or on the web. We published them to our class wiki – Read them here.

This is the first story the second graders published using the iPad. We used our mitten art and other drawings we created in class in addition to pictures the students created using the My Story App. The children added the text of the story and then were able to record their voice reading the text. They published the story and were easily able go back to the App any time to edit, or make changes to the story. The children were very much engaged when working on the stories and using the iPad. My usually wiggly, chatty 2nd graders were quietly working and on task as they helped each other and worked on their stories. The room was humming with the beautiful sounds of engaged children learning and having fun!

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  1. Karen Bosch says:

    I haven’t tried using the My Story app with students. I will need to take a good look at it again! Thanks!

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