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Today’s blog report was written by Emma, MacKenzie and Claire H.
Today someone from John Ball Zoo came to our school to show us animals. She brought a Tenrat, parakeet, spotted turtle and ball python. We got to touch all the animals except the parakeet.
The turtle’s scale’s were bumpy, and the snake’s scale’s were soft and it was long and cool. We liked all the animals. We hope they come back again.

Here are some pictures of the Zoo Visit.

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Today’s Blog reporters are Aidan, Liam and Tyler.

At 8:30 in the morning we Skyped with a class in Virginia. After we Skyped with them we had a spelling test then we went to Spanish. At Spanish we watched a movie. After Spanish we went to computer class. In computer class we went to on the computer. After computer class we checked our homework folders, heard a story and went to lunch.

Our Skype call with Virginia
A Skype call is when you talk and see someone online on the computer and they can see us too. Trantwood Elemntary 3rd graders in Virginia, Beach Virginia called us to talk about our story. (See the blog post below)
We read our story and showed our pictures and they read the next part of the story to us. Kids in California will write the third part of the story. They also asked us questions like “What is your favorite subject?”, “Have you ever been on a plane?” and “What wildlife do you see in Michigan?” It was fun. We hope we can Skype with them again.
Be sure to visit to read the next part of the story. We are story 6. Here are some of the pictures we drew to go with our part of the story.

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Picture 4We are part of a shared writing experience for creating a progressive story! We wrote the first part of a story then schools in Virginia, California, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania will each write the next part of the story. The last classroom (in Pennsylvania) will also give our story a title. Each school will illustrate their section of the story and we will all contribute to a VoiceThread of our story.

Below is the first part of the story that we wrote on Tuesday. All of the 2nd graders contributed to this shared writing experience. We are excited because the school in Viriginia that is writing the next section is going to share it with us through a Skype call on Firday! It will be our first Skype call.

Once upon a time a boy and a girl took a trip to the zoo. They walked around looking at all the animals.
They stopped at the monkey cage. There was only one monkey in the cage. The monkey looked sad.
The children wanted to cheer him up so they opened his cage to give him some of their lunch and the monkey sneaked out.
The monkey climbed in the boy’s backpack and hid. The boy and the girl did not know what happened to the monkey so they just went home. At home the boy opened his backpack and the monkey jumped out. The boy said, “We must take you back to the zoo!”
The monkey said, “I know how to get there, quickly. We need to hop on a plane.” The boy and girl packed a suitcase and a snack and followed the monkey to the airport. They hopped on a plane and thought they were going to the zoo.
When the plane landed they saw trees instead of cages of animals. The boy and girl cried, “What’s going on here?”
The monkey replied, “We are in the jungle. I need to find my family. Will you help me?”

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We have been learning about Landforms and Bodies of Water.
In this video we are sharing a fact about each Landform or Body of Water.

Each student wrote a report about a Landform or Body of water. We had fun sharing our reports with the class.

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We had a substitute teacher in the morning. It was Ethan’s mom! She is really nice and a great substitute teacher. We did math, spelling and went to computers.
Mrs. Harju was back in the afternoon. After we went to Liturgical Music we had a surprise visit from Jason’s Uncle Josh! Mrs. Harju had been Uncle Josh’s 4th grade teacher 20 years ago! Uncle Josh brought two books to show us. He showed us the pictures in The Book of Dragon’s. He really likes the illustrator, Michael Hague. He read another book Michael Hague illustrated. It is the Tale of Peter Rabbit. We talked about the story and learned that we should always do what our parents or teacher tell us. Otherwise we might get hurt or in trouble.

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Last week we had a tornado drill. We practiced what to do if there is a tornado. We go to the basement by the gym. We have to get on our knees and lean forward and put our hands over the back of our neck – AND we have to be quiet (that is the hardest part!)

Yesterday Sister Diane talked to us about God. She is here for the parish retreat this week. She taught us a new song too.

Today we finished our M tongue twister. Everyone illustrated it. Here is the Tongue Twister written by the whole class.

Many magic monkeys are munching mangos, meatballs, and marshmallows and making money on Mars and the Moon.

We will be sending our tongue twister to 25 other schools. We already received the Q tongue twister. We also read the T tongue twister on Wojtera’s Words – a first grade blog that we visit. They really wrote a tongue trickie tongue twister!

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IMG_0909Today’s Blog reporters are Kyle, Cameron and Da’von.

We are doing Tongue Twisters.
We are learning Spanish.
We are using Lexia to help with reading
We are learning Self Control.
We have a great time.

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