The second graders have helped write, sing and star in this video. There are many film clips I didn’t use in the final editing, but will find a way to use them later. Apologies to those whose part ended up on the cutting room floor! You will be featured in the future!

15 Responses to “Second Grade is Awesome – The Movie”
  1. I love their enthusiasm, their singing, their giggles… 2nd grade IS awesome!

  2. Lee Kolbert says:

    What a great blog you have here! I really enjoy learning about your class. Thank you for sharing your learning adventures with the world.

  3. Wow! It must have taken some work (and lots of fun) to write and memorize all your lyrics, guys! I really like your song.

  4. Second Grade Is Awesome! I am still smiling as I write this comment. I love your movie and your blog post. Keep up the good work! Let me know how it goes!

  5. These second graders are awesome, I’m going to share this with the ‘BIG’ kids in my classes next semester here in New Zealand!

  6. Cheryl Woolwine says:

    WOW that was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed learning about 2nd grade!

  7. Sharon Elin says:

    boom dee ott a, boom dee ott a, boom dee ott a, OOOHHH! I can’t get that song out of my head now, guys! Thanks for the fun! I want to go back to 2nd grade but I’m over 50 years old. Will I fit in the desk in your classroom?

  8. Tim Childers says:

    You all did an excellent job singing the Boom-de-yada song! I love 2nd grade too!

  9. Patti Duncan says:

    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Great job! Keep loving school… and thank your teachers for such cool lessons.

  10. Dean Mantz says:

    I love this video. There is nothing like a project brainstormed, developed, and created by students. What really stands out is the enjoyment of each student. GREAT JOB students and teachers!

  11. I love your video and I love your blog. Have a great school year second graders!

  12. Kim Caise says:

    What awesome work these second graders did! I could tell there was a great deal of motivation, interest and preparation that went into this activity. Well done on the video and blog posts!

  13. Lois Hooper says:

    Your beautiful smiles made me smile! I hope that the other children who watch your movie catch your enthusiasm for learning and sharing with others.

  14. Rhonda Hoffman says:

    WOW!!! I didn’t have THAT much fun in 2nd grade…can I come back;)?

    Rhonda (Tony’s mom)

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